Alaska Piledrivers and Divers Joint Training Program

The Piledrivers & Divers Local 2520 started their apprenticeship program in 1972. The training school is co-located with the union hall on East 8th Avenue in Anchorage. The school trains piledrivers – the heavy and highway construction division of the carpenters. Work as a piledriver can best be described as heavy construction involving specific skills in the areas of piledriving, rough carpentry, cutting and welding. Piledrivers typically work on bridges, platforms, highways, piers, underwater pipelines and other large construction projects.


Piledrivers & Divers Apprentice Training School Facts


The Piledrivers and Divers Apprenticeship Program shares space with Piledrivers and Divers Local 2520. The union meeting hall serves as a classroom and a portable facility located behind the union offices serves as the welding training facility. The program currently employs one full time instructor and three part-time instructors. The school has doubled the number of apprentices in the last five years. The program continues to look at implementing new classes to keep up with changing technologies in the industry.



Steve Abel
Apprenticeship Coordinator

School Contact Information
Steve Abel
Training Coordinator

825 East 8th Ave.
Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3898

(907) 272-7577
Fax (907) 277-8967

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Board of Trustees
Employer Trustees
Tom Ulrich, American Marine
Paul Swalling, Swalling Construction

Labor Trustees
Doug Tweedy, PNWRCC
Steve Abel, Piledrivers and Divers Local 252