Alaska Southcentral/Southeastern Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #23 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee

The Alaska Southcentral/ Southeastern Sheet Metal Workers’, Local Union #23 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee is committed to providing quality training for all union apprentices and journeypersons. Through education and practical, on-the-job training the JATC strives to provide its contractors with productive and responsible workers, by training a skilled workforce of journeypersons capable of craftsmanship that exceeds the ever-changing industry’s standards.

Alaska South-central/ Southeastern Sheet Metal Workers’, Local Union #23 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee Facts

Our accredited Sheet Metal workers training program is located in Anchorage Alaska. We train workers to fabricate, install and service heating, venting and air conditioning systems, blowpipe and industrial systems along with custom metal fabrication and architectural applications. We have been training since 1955 when the local union received its charter. In 1972, the program received formal certification by the U.S. Department of Labor.

The Sheet Metal Worker and Service Technician Apprenticeships are for four years and include 8000 on-the-job training hours and 960 classroom hours.


Bruce Bold
Training Director

School Contact Information
Training Director
Bruce Bold

Office Manager
Debbie Hensley

Sheet Metal Workers Local #23
J.A.T.C. Training Center
1307 E. 75th Avenue #4
Anchorage, AK 99518

Ph: 907-277-5367
Fax (907) 274-8219

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Board of Trustees
Employer Trustees
Garrett Travres, Superior Mechanical
Joe Morris, Noble Mechanical
Jeremy Ketchum, Ingersoll Sheet Metal
Matt Rudisill, General Mechanical

Labor Trustees
Randy Golding, Sheet Metal LU #23
Ben Marcinkiewicz, Sheet Metal LU #23
Shawn Ellis, Sheet Metal LU #23
Mark Hodl, Sheet Metal LU #23