Heat & Frost Insulators & Allied Workers РLocal 97 Apprentice Training

The Alaska Insulators Union Local 97 started training Alaskans over 50 years ago when they established their apprenticeship program in 1953. The program trains insulators in all aspects of the trade, both commercial and industrial throughout the state of Alaska. The program is a statewide program.


Insulators Apprenticeship School Facts

The Alaska Insulators Apprenticeship school is located in South Anchorage on Schoon Street. The training program also has a portable training module they use to train in rural areas of Alaska.

The school uses two instructors, one full time and five part-time to present the curriculum in apprenticeship and journeyman upgrade training. The Insulators apprenticeship is a four year, 6000 hour program.

Insulators Apprenticeship Training
407 Denali Street, Suite 303
Anchorage, AK 99501

Phone: (907) 272-8224
Fax: (907) 277-8860

Employer Trustees
Mike Davenport
Harold Belk
Cliff Grebil

Labor Trustees
Gene Dekerlagund
Ron Brevogel
Joe Oathout