Alaska Millwright Training Center

If you like working with machines, tools and precision instruments and have an eye for the perfect fit, you might want to consider becoming a Millwright. Millwrights sometimes work to specifications requiring tolerances to a thousandth of an inch ( 0.001″ ). Millwrights are an elite group of construction workers who work primarily in metal and machinery and equipment that require precision.

Millwrights install, maintain, diagnose and repair the machines that keep America running. These machines can be compressors, pumps, conveyors monorails, extruders, gas, steam, and wind turbines and mining equipment. Every industry requires Millwrights, such as pharmaceutical companies, steel mills refineries, auto plants, nuclear plants, mines, and food processing facilities. Utilizing hand and power tools, rigging and hoisting equipment, cutting torches and welders, lasers, optical transits and precision tools.


The Millwright Training Center has been relocated to the Anchorage Carpenters Training Center.

Frank Mucci
Alaska Carpenters Training Trust
Training Director

Frank Mucci
Director of Training

8751 King Street
Anchorage, AK 99515

(907) 344-1541
(907) 272-7577
Fax (907) 349-5823

Employer Trustees

Richard Tilly, Tilly & Company LTD
Mike Davis, Ghemm Company
Ed Kornack, GBC Inc.
Michael Vlaming, Millwright Employers Association Labor Trustees
Joe Pugliese, Carpenters Local 1281
Chris Stankiewicz, Carpenters Local 1243
Doug Tweedy, PNWRCC
Laird Grantham, Carpenters Local 1243