Southern Alaska Carpenter Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee – Anchorage

The Southern Alaska Carpenters have been training Alaskans since 1936 and received federal registration of their training program by the United State Department of Labor in June 1955. The Southern Carpenters train Alaskans in all aspects of the carpentry trade and is jointly administered by both management and labor trustees. The program trains carpenters for construction projects South of the 63rd parallel in Alaska.


Southern Carpenters/Alaska General Contractors School Facts


The Southern Carpenter’s training facility is located on four acres of land in the South Anchorage area. The facility itself is approximately 4000 square feet of shop and classroom area. The school trains Alaskans in general carpentry in residential, light commercial and heavy and industrial construction such as erect skyscrapers, hospitals, office buildings, schools, churches, hotels, houses and prisons.  Carpenters make up the largest single group of skilled workers in the country. The school also offers a 4 year Industrial Scaffold Apprenticeship.

The school currently employs three full-time and five part-time instructors in their four-year, 7000 hour apprenticeship program. The program also provides journeyman upgrade classes for dozens of carpenters each year.

Frank Mucci
Alaska Carpenters Training Trust
Training Director

Frank Mucci
Director of Training

8751 King Street
Anchorage, AK 99515

(907) 344-1541
(907) 272-7577
Fax (907) 349-5823

Employer Trustees
Dean Cagle-Davis, Davis Constructors
Mark Palmatier, Cornerstone Construction
Kiel Beloy, Kiewit Building Group

Labor Trustees
Scott Hansen
Doug Tweedy
Joe Pugliese